Sparta Prague Kids Boo Rangers Star Glen Kamara In Europa League Match

Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara was booed throughout tonight’s Europa League match with Sparta Prague by a crowd full of children.

The shocking scenes were reported by Jordan Campbell of The Athletic, who was present at the Sinobo Stadium.

“Sparta Prague fans racially abused Monaco’s Aurelien Tchouameni so faced a stadium closure tonight vs Rangers,” he tweeted. “The only exception is that 10,000 local kids under 14 years are in.

“But Glen Kamara, racially abused by Slavia’s Ondrej Kudela, is now being booed with every touch.

“Doesn’t get more depressing than that.”

The 25-year-old, who was sent off with 15 minutes to go in the match, took the knee before proceedings began, with his opponents opting to stand around the centre circle instead.

From that point onwards, the Finnish international was subjected to what broadcaster Emma Dodds describes as ‘disgusting’ abuse from the young crowd. Dodds claims Kamara was ‘booed above and beyond any other player tonight’.

“I wasn’t aware because I was focused on the game,” Rangers manager Steven Gerrard said after the game. “But if those are the facts I’m extremely disappointed – but not surprised.”

The Scottish champions lost the match 1-0, meaning they now sit bottom of their Europa League group.


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