June 9-10: Weekend of Open Gardens

The Weekend of Open Gardens is an event where people get the chance to see gardens not normally open to visitors and also to find out more about their favorite parks. 

On this occasion, the public can learn a thing or two about the methods of horticultural experts and gain a new perspective on the function and significance of plants in our lives. During this weekend various parks and gardens organize an extensive programme including guided tours, activities for children, concerts, etc.

“People have the opportunity to explore the normally inaccessible gardens, but also to discover their favorite parks in a new way,” according to Prague’s tourist portal. The gardens consist of both of privately and publicly owned properties, as well church gardens, and public spaces.

The program also takes place in the gardens of Prague Castle. The Palace gardens under Prague Castle are situated on the southern slope of Hradcany hill and are a connection between Prague Castle and Lesser Town. The complex includes five gardens – Ledeburská zahrada, Malá Pálffyovská zahrada and Velká Pálffyovská zahrada, Kolowratská zahrada and MaláFürstenberská zahrada.

Some examples of gardens that have already committed to the event are Garden Jelica, Bohumil Garden, and Starka Academy Garden. More information can be found on the event website

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