June 6th: Riesling Rocks Festival in Prague

Summer is a special season for wine lovers. As it begins, so does the time of meeting people in the warm weather and enjoying fresh sparkling wine, rosé and Riesling.

The third edition of Riesling Rocks, an open-air festival of wine and music in the city center and organized by the Vinograf, will take place on June 6th. Vinograf is a network of wine bars, and an unofficial Prague ambassador for the best quality wine, which collects bottles from Bohemia and Europe. The sommeliers at Vinograf take both laymen and experts on an inspiring and adventurous journey into the world of wine.

You can taste more than 50 types of Riesling from the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Slovakia, including some rare ones. Refreshment will be prepared by the Vinograf’s chef, Milan Hořejší.


Riesling is a light-skinned, aromatic grape of German origin which is – if the majority of top wine critics are to be believed – the world’s finest white wine grape variety. The Riesling vine holds a very different place in the wine world to such great grapes as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay. While these immensely popular varieties have conquered every corner of the winegrowing world, Riesling is conspicuously absent from the core wine regions of France, Spain, and Italy. Its fanbase is smaller but fervent. It is a very versatile and food-friendly wine that pairs well with a wide variety of dishes. 


  • 17:00 – Opening of the event*        
  • 17:05 – Dj Strýček Míša*        
  •  20:00 – Rock ´n´ roll Dum Doobie Doobie Band*        
  •  22:00 – Closing of the event

  • 17:30- 18:30 – „Master class“ degustation with Austrian winemakers (Vinograf Senovážné)
18:30 až 19:30 – „Master class“degustation with German winemakers (Vinograf Senovážné)

The entrance to the festival is free. More information here

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