June 30-July 3: Days of Romanian Folklore Costume in Prague

A demonstration of the Romanian Folklore Costume will take place at Muzaion in Prague 5 – Banat, and Muscel, two of the most interesting ethnologic zones in Romania come in Prague. 

The Romanian Association in the Czech Republic, supported by the Romanian Institute of Culture organize between June 30 and July 3 The Days of Universal Romanian Blouse – a demonstration of old Romanian folklore costumes.

The demonstration will take place at Muzaion – the Czech Ethnographic Museum where over 50 traditional costumes from Banat and Muscel zones are displayed.

The event aims to demonstrate the ethnic identity and the historical and artistic value inherited by Romanians, and at the same time, the simplicity, spiritual wealth, imagination, beliefs, and hopes of Romanians who trespassed the borders over time.

The event is organized in order to connect Romanian and Czech communities that are passionate about folklore garments.

A folklore collection, Marius Matei Ethnographic Collection, combines a selection of over 30 pieces of garments from the XIX century combined based on old pictures of Banat people who used to wear traditional folk costumes.

Every piece in this collection is masterfully embroidered using fine sewed technics, which predominates the floral and geometrical motives. The costumes are decorated with silk, gold, and silver threads, using bright colours.

Days of Romanian Folklore Costume in Prague

From Muscel Romanian ethnologic zone, 6 of the most well-known crafters, that used to teach multiple generations of folk passionate, will make a demonstration of the most expensive and beautiful Romanian Festivity Costumes. These are considered the most beautiful folk costumes in Romania.

During this temporary demonstration, the Romanian Association will organize children and adult workshops sustained by well-known crafters that
will teach the audience not only the correct way to wear a folk costume but also how to easily sew one for themselves.

The Romanian costume inspired the most important fashionist at the international level. In 1981 Yves Saint Laurent was the first to launch a collection inspired by the well-known Matisse painting, La Blouse Roumaine. In the next year, designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Oscar Della Renta, Carolina Herrera and Prada launched a successful collection inspired by Romanian Blouses.

At the same time, on Saturday starting at 10 am the participants can join in a Romanian FoodFest, a demonstration of traditional Romanian cuisine.


Days of Romanian Folklore Costume in Prague

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