June 1: Children’s Day Celebrations at Holešovice Market Hall

All children and the young at heart are invited to the Holešovice Market Hall for Children’s Day on June 1st from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The second edition of the celebration promises a packed program expanded with a gastro zone, artistic workshops, creative and sports activities, theater performances and even the PokéTour featuring your favorite Pokémon characters.

The musical group Bombarďák rounds out the line-up. The over thirty vendors, workshops, and artistic groups will ensure that everyone has fun this Children’s Day.

Building on the success of last year’s event, organizers are preparing creative workshops, experiments, games, and other experiences for you and your children.

Architecture, upcycling, physics and chemistry experiments, board games, DIY workshops, didactic puppet theater,
book publishing, art workshops, and physical activities all await children.

Over thirty carefully selected participants including Czech brands, lecturers, experienced professionals, and artistic enthusiasts are involved in the program. At Children’s Day, anyone can hold a saw in their hands for the first time, discover the hidden stenographer in them, start juggling, or do their first physics experiment.

“In addition, the various forms of creation often delight adults as well, so Children’s Day at the Market is not just fun for children, but rather a celebration of family and friendship. Family and friends together – that’s the best thing for children, isn’t it?” says Michal Tošovský, Programme Director of the Holešovice Market.

PokéTour in action

Children’s Day will also host a stop on PokéTour, an event where everything revolves around Pokémon. Children and adults, gamers, collectors, or simply enthusiasts will be satisfied.

You’ll be able to swap cards, play the  Pokémon Trading Card Game, compete, and even buy cards.

More info about the Children’s Day

When: 1 June 2023
Where: Hall 13 and the adjacent corridor in Holešovice Market Hall (gastro zone)
Time: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
The event programme is especially suitable for children aged 5-14, but all children are welcome.


Pre-sale tickets: 80 CZK / person
Second wave of pre-sale: 110 CZK / person
On-site sales: 140 CZK / person
*Some other activities will be charged for (e.g. materials, etc.).
Tickets available here

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