July 8-16: Prague Street Theatre Festival “Behind the Door”

behind the doors festival prague 2021

Every minute of art on the streets is so rare, it can surprise and please.

Street theatre festival “Za dveřmi” (Behind the Door) brings a countless number of priceless moments to children and adults, citizens and tourists – because street theatre doesn’t know limits of language or age.

The festival will run from July 8 to July 16 and will show off the creations of Czech artistic ensembles as well as groups from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Poland.

“Behind the Door” will present among others the world premiere of Teatr Biuro Podroży, Sisus – a Finnish contemporary circus company of five women, Blackout Paradox an acrobatic fire show dancer freely inspired by shamanism and mysticism.

Every day of the festival you can join street parades, acrobats, jugglers, and bring the center of Prague to life.

“We want to be topical and show new things because street theatre and art in public space should have these qualities. There are twenty performances on the program. I do not deliberately use the word theatre performances because the synthesis of genres without any limits has been a creative phenomenon in recent years, which is proof of free-thinking of creators as well as audience,” says Jakub Vedral, director of the festival.

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