July 27-29: AsianFest in Prague

AsianFest will bring the spirit of Asia to Prague. You can taste authentic cuisine from China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, and enjoy performances by Asian artists.

The main aim of the event is to evoke atmosphere (and possible some experiences) from Asian countries. Due to its size, the festival program will be divided into three days.

The festival takes place in Branická louka: “For a long time, I was looking for a location that would meet all the criteria I needed. One of the main criteria for me was accessibility via water, as from the very beginning I wanted to ship visitors in by boats”, festival president Jiří Zuska, Jr., said .

One of the main attractions of the event will be replicas of several monuments, cultural and natural heritage which are in the above-mentioned countries. You can look forward to the Shang Hai Old Town, the Imperial Palace in Peking, the Buddha sculpture from the island of Phuket or a seaside from the Ko Pha Ngan island.

AsianFest promises 120 restaurants featuring the genuine taste of Asian gourmet world, 350 artists who arrive directly from Asia, and impressive artistic and architectural monuments built on an area of 30,000 square meters.

The main means of transport to take visitors to and from Branická Louka will be a boat, which will take visitors straight to the ferry port. 

Tickets are available on the official website and on GoOut.cz 

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