Friday! Burgers Anyone? Here is our Tasty Option for This Weekend

John Polpo Spot

What if I told you that the question of where to find the best burgers in Prague has finally been answered?

If you haven’t guessed yet, the place is John Polpo, a cozy and comfortable new bistro in Žižkov.

Here, you can have coffee, play board games, work, drink some craft beer, eat desserts, celebrate a birthday, and most importantly, eat delicious burgers.

Arthur, the owner of John Polpo, along with his wife Olga, have long dreamed of opening a business of their own. The first space they found was on Seifertova street.

It was there that they decided to develop the concept of a craft burger bistro with high-quality ingredients. At their new location, much larger than the original space, they offer plenty of room for takeaway orders as well a dining space.

When I visited for myself, we got the menu very quickly and the service was on point. The order itself took about 10 minutes, which is an excellent time period.

john polpo prague

There are five burgers on the menu ranging from the John Bacon burger to the burger with gorgonzola, pear, and beef. My personal preference is the “Full House XXL Meat”. The burger itself is large (you definitely won’t stay hungry) and includes fresh buns, very juicy cutlet, cheese, and crispy vegetables. Be sure to order a sweet potato with parmesan aside, it’s my favorite.

In 2021, John Polpo won the rising star award from Bolt, for which they were awarded a golden broccoli.

Last but not least: On May 1, this place will be a year old and there will be a big party to celebrate the anniversary!

Useful info: 

  • Monday – Thursday 11-21
  • Friday – Saturday 11-23
  • Sunday 11-17

Addrees: Milíčova 25, 130 00 Prague 3-Žižkov

john polpo prague

john polpo prague

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