Jeremy Clarkson Chases Treasured Škoda. The Grand Tour Will Take Place in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland

Jeremy Clarkson czechia

The Škoda 1100 OHC is one of the rarest and most famous cars in the automotive museum in Mladá Boleslav. Jeremy Clarkson took it out for a spin during the filming of the new special The Grand Tour in Central Europe.

The whole Central European adventure began in Gdańsk. The Polish part was the first to be filmed, and last week the crew was filming in Slovakia. Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will then move to the Czech Republic.

The Amazon series, now entering its fifth season, has also been filmed in places as far away as Vietnam and Madagascar.

Slovak media captured the trio during filming in Bratislava, Žilina and Piešťany, the famous trio is driving around Slovakia in exotic cars – a yellow Chevrolet SSR pickup and a white Japanese convertible Mitsuoka Le-Seyde. James May arrived in Piešťany with a hotrod built on the chassis of the Ford Popular from 1959.

Clarkson drove a 1100 OHC Škoda at the airport in Piešťany. Only two of these cars were ever built. One is in Škoda’s collections and is a national technical monument. The second belongs to the British representation of Škoda. The spider in which Clarkson is racing is the one from Mladá Boleslav.

Treasure of the Škoda Museum

A total of four copies of this car were produced – two with a closed body and two with an open body. The roadsters have a laminate body, later created by an aluminum coupe.

Škoda developed the 1100 OHC racing special (type 968) in 1956 and 1957. The drive of the two-seater machine, which weighs only 550 kilos, is provided by a water-cooled in-line four-cylinder with a capacity of 1,089 cm³, fitted with two Weber carburetors.

The engine was originally based on the Škoda 440 model (Spartak), but was significantly redesigned. The unit has an output of 92 horsepower at 7,700 rpm, the maximum speed is around 200 km / h.

The engine is coupled to a five-speed transmission, mounted with the clutch and transmission in the block at the rear axle, the race car has rear brakes at the transmission and not in the wheels.

The 388-centimeter body resting on a three-dimensional tubular frame is the work of Jaroslav Kindle. Spider originally had folding lights, which then replaced the lamps in the fenders.

Fans of the series can find it streaming on Amazon Prime.

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