Jelica – Serbian National Cuisine in Prague

Jelica is one of the places I stumbled upon by sheer coincidence and I’ve kept coming back. This restaurant is owned and managed by a bunch of Serbian people living in Prague and you can feel it the moment you step in.

Most of all, I love to come there in spring because there is a big, big garden to sit in, with edible plants everywhere. There is a nice playground for kids of all ages, a cute yard with many tables and also a lot of space inside if it gets colder.

All of the food I had there was delicious. They serve nice and not expensive wine and the staff is very helpful and able to answer all kinds of questions. Lots of foreigners keep coming there, and the feel of the restaurant is very international and relaxed.

The inside part of the restaurant is very nice and I feel like I’ve stumbled upon someone’s home — plain tablecloths, old chairs, walls decorated with old and folklore stuff… there’s always something new for me to find and enjoy the place even more.

Author: Janina Michlová. You can find the original article here

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