Jedová Chýše – Prague’s Oldest Pub

The story of what we can possibly call Prague’s longest existing pub; a place full of legends, stories, and crime.

Jedová Chýše, also known as the Poison Hut, is probably the oldest and most legendary pub in Prague.

It has a fascinating history dating back to the 13th century when it was originally established as a pub for locals and travelers.

It was located in shadow of the St. Apollinaire Church in the New Town, and is surrounded by countless myths and legends.

One of the most popular rumors surrounding Jedová Chýše concerns Wenceslas IV, who supposedly visited the pub on a regular basis.

Legend even suggests the pub was named after an incident involving two of Wenceslas IV’s enemies, who were allegedly poisoned after their attempt to kill Wenceslas IV in Vienna.

However, other probable rumors suggest Jedová Chýše’s name was derived from the 19th century and was based on the pub’s reputation as a place where medical students would go to drink and socialize after their studies.

Jedová Chýše did not have a great reputation, and often attracted crime. According to legends, one of the pub’s owners used to tie spoons to chains attached to the table to prevent anyone from stealing.

Holes were dug into the tables to serve the food. Once guests had finished eating, the holes and spoons were wiped, and the table was ready for the next guest. 

Despite its rich history and cultural significance, Jedová Chýše was unfortunately demolished in the 1930s, and replaced with an apartment building.

However, its legend lives on through various cultural artifacts, including the popular TV series Sinful People of Prague (Hříšní lidé města pražského), and the work of many painters and artists.

It is certain that Jedová Chýše is a unique and fascinating part of Prague’s history.

While the pub itself may no longer exist, its stories and legends continue to captivate and inspire locals and tourists alike.

For anyone who is interested to know more about this remarkable pub or other important historical landmarks, tours are still organized on regular basis and more information can be found online. 

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