New Opening: Mouthwatering Japanese Street Food in Prague

Photo: Lucie/Prague Morning

FOOD RUNNER – Street Bistro Asia

Located at Korunní 23 Prague 2, Street Bistro Asia serves fresh Japanese cuisine in a cosy, clean and simple setting, with modern design and friendly staff. This little and intimate space offers classic Japanese dishes, meticulously prepared by their chefs, always with fresh ingredients.

Open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. you can have traditional Japanese street food straight to your home or office. Street Bistro Asia offers a selection of typical Japanese dishes such as ramen, rice, noodles, salads, and eventually, sushi.

As it is a small place, they have started their own company called Food Runner, which will be just for the delivery and will have their own drivers around Prague so that you can easily have a taste of the exceptional food they offer. You will be able to order take-away for a business lunch, a special event or simply a meal shared with friends and family.

They aim to accommodate all tastes and budgets. The offer consists of a large variety of soups, hot dishes including rice and noodles, and delicious desserts. Vegetarian meals are also available on the menu.

Photo: Lucie Macháčková/Prague Morning

If you are searching for tasty and mouthwatering Japanese cuisine Street Bistro Asia has very affordable prices and yummy food. The offer is fresh, fast, healthy and delicious. You choose, have it on their welcoming and cosy interior, or delivered to your office or your home. The menu features an excellent selection of Japanese dishes, appetizers such as laksa, a traditional Singapore soup with noodles, prawns and chicken garnished with fresh chilli and lime, mains like sake teriyaki (a delicately fried salmon fillet in teriyaki sauce served with rice and a slice of lemon), or if you fancy something sweet you can go for a dessert such as coco loco, fried vegan coconut bowls served with vanilla sugar and strawberry puree.

You will be satisfied with any dish ordered at Street Bistro Asia, and you will happily return or order online for their fresh and creative Japanese cuisine. Highly recommend the ramen, tasty and healthy but filling, especially the veggie (noodle soup with an intense broth with umami taste filled with ramen wheat noodles, turmeric egg, steamed vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, edamame, green onions and fresh chilli). Also, the Tori teriyaki sandwich, a juicy fried chicken in panko, with homemade teriyaki sauce served on a bun with teriyaki mayo.

They don’t charge extra money for the take-away boxes, but they take care of nature, so they choose their packaging according to that and hope you recycle it correctly.

They include drinks such as MAMA LEMONADES – 100% natural lemonades, and they come with ginger, passionfruit, orange, lemon and rose flavor.

Enjoy an authentic Japanese culinary experience in Prague and a great variety of dishes to ensure you will not get bored with their fantastic offer.

Street Bistro Asia is on UberEats!

Photo: Lucie Macháčková/Prague Morning
Photo: Lucie Macháčková/Prague Morning


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