It’s Official: Trams Will Ride to Prague’s Main Train Station

Leaving Prague’s main train station Praha hlavní nádraží will become easier. The city approved the plan to build a new tram track between Vinohradská Street and Bolzanova so people can get to the main train station.

Originally, the tram route was supposed to lead from the State Opera through Vrchlického sady, a park that has a bad reputation for petty crime. Colloquially, the park is called Sherwood Forest because of the redistribution of wealth that occurs there, although the situation has been greatly improved in recent years.

When the new route will be built is not clear, yet. The city is now working on a change to the zoning plan, as the area in front of the main station is listed as a park.

The city is also looking at more changes for the area. A better bus terminal is planned for the main station, and in the long run, the Magistral highway that runs in front of both the National Museum and the main station may be adjusted. This would better integrate the museum with Wenceslas Square.

Trams were last seen on Wenceslas Square in 1980. The lower part of Wenceslas Square is currently under a long-planned renovation. The upper part of Wenceslas Square is not currently being renovated in part due to the uncertainty over whether or not trams will return.

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