Is Your Car Covered in Yellow Dust? We Know The Reason

If motorists have been seeing a lot of yellow dust on their cars and aren’t sure exactly what it is, they may want to pay attention what their intuition suggests. In short, this being the time in which flowers are blooming, pollen is saturating the air and landing on the first surface that’s come to.

Since few days, Czechs are fighting against small yellow grains. According to allergologists it comes from spruce and pine trees. 

According to Ondřej Rybníček from the Faculty Hospital in Brno, this year the amount of pollen is higher than in previous years. “Hot weather and strong wind can cause a high concentration of pollen in the air. Everything blossomed suddenly,” he explained.

Pine trees produce large amounts of pollen each spring in order to ensure that the seeds get fertilized and the species can survive. You may not know this, but pine trees have both male and female pine cones. The male cones are usually smaller and often not even noticed, but the pollen that they produce is. So, if your car is yellow, blame… a male!

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