Invisible Exhibition – Be Blind For an Hour

The Invisible Exhibition is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world, where in total darkness you find your way out only by touch, sounds and scent. 

If you say that you can imagine how it is to be blind, you are kidding yourself. To be able to say that convincingly, you have to go to this exhibition.

You will not see anything, you will only be able to feel, hear, or smell… And you will be thinking “well it is never that dark…” – yes, it is. You may not have yet experienced darkness as complete as you will here.

Of course, you will not be alone — you will have your guide with you, and he won’t be able to see anything either, but he has been experiencing it his whole life.

All the visitors obtain information exclusively through touch, hearing, scent and their sense of balance. This way, in the new situation caused by the loss of sight, and despite the difficulties, they can experience that the world can be still beautiful without this key sense.

You will be going through the kitchen, crossing a busy street, walking through a forest and across a stream, visiting an exhibition of sculptures and sitting at the bar, and paying your bill – all in complete darkness.

When you finally go out, you will not believe how long you were in – most people lose track of time without constantly checking their watch (and your watch will be in the storage because it could create too much light in there, as well as your phone or anything else electronic with control LED light).

It is recommended to call for a reservation, especially if you need a guide speaking your language.

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