This Czech Startup Allows Anyone to Invest in Real Estate Market

investown startup czech

In the Czech Republic, real estate investing is the number one way to make money.

Investown has created a way to use micro-investments to help people create profit. Since the launch, the company has distributed 2.8 milion CZK. Also, 30,000 users have invested more than 250 million CZK in the last six months.

“Real estate is generally considered an interesting investment in the Czech Republic, and we have brought it closer to people who do not have hundreds of thousands of crowns available for investment. The interest exceeded our expectations several times over. The average amount invested per user is close to five thousand crowns. As the number of real estate increases, so does the amount we pay to investors every month,” says Alan Pock, co-founder, and CEO of Investown.

Investown is a new financial technology that mediates the possibility of micro-investments in real estate. The goal is for everyone to have access to real estate profits so that they can value their money efficiently and safely.

All you have to do is log in to the Investown application, choose a property in which you can deposit an amount as little as 500 CZK, and a proportional part of the rent will come next month.

The other side of this startup works quite similarly. Using computer analysis, Investown is looking for suitable apartments that have the potential for long-term profit.

The subsidiary then buys the property and takes care of it, solves the reconstruction, and provides rentals. Subsequently, he earns just rent.

The Investown team celebrated CZK 100,000,000 of customer investments. Credit: Investown

In July this year, the company introduced a mobile application. “With the new application, we are putting people in their pockets. At the moment, clients can choose from twenty investment opportunities, especially in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Chomutov, and Most. Gradually, more real estate will be added throughout the Czech Republic. In all cases, their yield exceeds four percent, ”explains Pock.

“We saw great potential in Investown from the very beginning and the project fits perfectly into our strategy to help clients be more prosperous. In the coming months, we want to enable the possibility of micro-investments in real estate to clients directly in our banking George,“ explains the leader of the Seed Starter program Jiří Skopový.

Investown is being developed by experts from the worlds of IT, real estate, and banking, with investors including Seed Starter from Česká spořitelna.

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