President Zeman: Invasion of Ukraine “Crime Against Peace”

Czech President Miloš Zeman, who had in the past promoted warm relations with Moscow, said on Thursday Russia’s attack on Ukraine was a “crime against peace” and required a response through harsh sanctions including cutting the country from the SWIFT international payments system.

“It is time to reach for much tougher sanctions than those originally planned, by which I mean above all a sanction in the area of the so-called SWIFT,” Zeman said in a speech.

“It is needed to isolate a madman, not just defend against him by words, but by concrete measures.”

Zeman also expressed support for Ukraine and its people.

He recalled that he and Prime Minister Petr Fiala will attend the NATO summit on Friday.

“I believe that the situation will calm down, not by a cowardly compromise, but by a decisive response against the aggressor,” he added.


  • People gathered on Prague’s Wenceslas Square and at the Russian Embassy in the city on Thursday to express their support for Ukraine following the Russian attack. A large gathering is organized for 5 o’clock in the evening.


  •  The Prague Stock Exchange fell on Thursday to its lowest level since the start of November. The noon PX index was over 4 percent down than at the close of trading on Wednesday, according to data on the Stock Exchange’s website.


  • The Czech Academy of Sciences says that it is ready to offer students, post-graduate students and academics from Ukraine support in the form of internships.


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