INTERVIEW: Giudi & Inude, Future-Pop Promises

-How was born the project and what’s your current plan?

GIUDI: For 4 years I was a frontwoman in a pop-rock band, it was an amazing time and gave me a lot of experiences, but musically I grew up in a different direction than the rest of the band. I had a need to express how I perceive music and feel myself. INUDE: Inude was born in the South of Italy in 2014 by an idea of Giacomo and Flavio and Francesco joined us later. We played together since we were young and now we are working hard on our new album that is almost done.

-Tell us some stories from your past gigs in Europe, especially the ones in the Czech Republic.

GIUDI: As this new project, my first gig was on the boat on Moldova, then I sang for example in the old iron factory in Ostrava, in Clam-Gallais Palace as a part of the Prague Fashion week. On may I am going to Berlin make a concert in one Pop Up Gallery Space, the audience will hear the whole concert only through the headphones, I am looking forward to this unique concept and for the feedback what will the listeners experience. INUDE: Our experiences in Europe were great, every trip was unique, overwhelming and a lot of smart people to meet up! In Lipsia we passed a night over with the local police, out of our hotel! We hit cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Lipsia, Budapest… but Prague was our first touch and first place hosted us on our musical journey, love it.

-How do you feel about the presently independent scene in Europe? 

GIUDI: for me, independent artists nowadays gotta thanks to the new media for a greater impact to reach out to new potential listeners, so independent music gains an important role in the whole music industry. INUDE: Spending time around Europe gives us the opportunity to discover new valid emerging bands in the underground scenes. Probably should it be more people or official agencies branding new bands and helping ’em to play abroad.

How was the mini-tour in Czechia, and what about next? 

GIUDI: In our spring Tour we did a concert in Brno – Fléda, Prague – Vlkova 26 and Pilsen – Papírna. In these days we had so much of fun and became very close friends that I am already missing the guys. I am working on a new single right now. In June I am going to make a concert in south Italy then I play a couple of summer festivals in the Czech Republic.  INUDE: Hey dudes, we met a lot of nice people during these days and also tried to learn how to say “Na Zdravi” but with any effect in six days, wicked! We are planning a new studio album probably out in autumn, we’ll be around in Italy only for djset and soon we’ll publish a new song on our page, stay tuned.

Write below 3 songs and 3 albums you’re listening most this year.

GIUDI: Songs: Giant Rooks – New Estate, RÜFÜS – Innerbloom,  Grimes – Flesh without. Albums: Art Angels – Grimes, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend – Aurora, Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey. INUDE: Bjork – Utopia – Tabula rasa,

Son lux – Brighter Wounds – Young, Richard Russel – Everything is recorded – She Said.

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