In This Czech City Appeared a Self-Service “Beer Bar”

Would you like to have a beer for 25 CZK or lemonade for 15 CZK? Moreover, in the middle of nature?

In the Prostějov region, it is now possible. There’s a new self-service Beer Bar a short distance from Ptenský Dvorek. Moreover, everything respects coronavirus measures. You can find gloves, disinfection gel, and disposable cups.

“It’s great. You are in the countryside, you can pour yourself a beer at reasonable prices, and who wants to sit can find a few chairs,” said one of the first costumer.

“For those who are thirsty, we have prepared a self-service beer bar in Ptenský Dvorek. We are open nonstop,” wrote on Facebook one of the guys behind this project.


Photo: Foto: Michaela Piňosová


Photo: Michaela Piňosová


Photo: Michaela Piňosová


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