In Summer, Prague Airport Served 6% More Passengers Than Last Year

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Prague Airport recorded a 6% increase in the number of checked-in passengers from July to September 2019, a total of 5,812,597 travelers.

August was the busiest month, while Prague Airport recorded the highest year-on-year increase in the number of passengers in September. Most passengers in this period were heading to London, the busiest destination followed by Moscow and Paris. As a holiday destination, most flights were to Antalya, Burgas, and Barcelona.

The number of checked-in passengers on flights to holiday destinations also increased, a total of 1,685,727 passengers, which is 8.8% more than last year.

Prague Airport also saw an increase in the number of passengers handled on flights to a total of 15 long-distance destinations. From July to September, 464,969 passengers used these routes, 12% more than last year, and the most significant increase was recorded by routes to North America by 28.7%.

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While the number of passengers handled increased year-on-year at Prague Airport, in the case of air movements, the airport experienced the opposite. The most significant decline was recorded in August by -1.5%. In July, August, and September, the number of air movements dropped by 1.0% year-on-year.

The airport’s excellent operating results are due to newly opened air connections, increasing flights to existing destinations and continually expanding the capacity on existing routes.


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