In Brief: Which Measures Change Today?

restaurants reopening czech republic

The Czech Republic will not raise its PES score despite the number of new COVID-19 cases slowly growing again, which would lead to the reintroduction of some countermeasures.

The only changes that the Czech Republic will see as a result of the epidemiological situation getting worse, are the restrictions on opening hours of restaurants as well as some other minor measures.

Food caterings
Restaurants, bars, clubs, restaurants in hotels, and similar establishments, including dispensing windows, must not be open after 8 pm.

The consumption of alcohol in public will be banned, as well as the sale of alcohol at markets.

Shops and services
For shops and services, nothing will change. The night curfew will not be renewed either, even though the last three days the score in the anti-epidemic system PES reached the fourth level.

A proposed amendment to the crisis law envisages raising the fine for individuals from 10 to 50,000 CZK and setting a ceiling of 3 million for legal entities.

The government decided to extend the state of emergency by a further 30 days, to January 11th. The request will be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies for approval.

The cabinet will also discuss measures needed to open ski resorts this month. Ski lifts could open by December 18.

The Czech Republic, a country of 10.7 million, reported 4,239 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, continuing a trend of showing a weekly rise in infections.

In total, 551,070 cases have been detected since the pandemic started. There were 57,253 active cases currently.

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