Ikea to Close Wenceslas Square Point

The Ikea furniture point in the center of Prague will close after a year. 

“Ikea Point will be open to customers till the end of August 2019,” the operator said. The so-called Ikea Point was the first attempt of the Swedish company for an unusual selling format in the Czech Republic. It opened in September 2018 as part of a trial to bring the Ikea home furnishing range and expertise closer to more customers.

“Within a year, the concept will change and if it meets the goals, we may change the location,” said project manager Petr Tichý during the opening of Ikea Point. Lease agreement – Ikea is in the center of the city in the hotel Pytloun, which in the same building Golden Wheat is located on the floors above it  – was signed for two years, with the possibility of extension. “Another use of space from September 2019 is on the landlord Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague,” Ikea said in a press release.

About 1,000 visitors go through Ikea Point every day, which Ikea planned as a success. They would, however, welcome the extension of the services as well as the dispensing point for the e-shop and the sale of accessories for the apartment. “We know that 80% of our customers start their online purchases, and we know that Ikea’s personal visit, whether in the form of a classic business house or another format, still plays an important role during the purchase,” says Mounia El Hilali Acherkouk Yakhlef, CEO for the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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