First IKEA Planning Studio to Open in Prague

ikea planning studio prague

The Swedish furniture sellers IKEA have announced they are planning to open the Czech Republic’s first planning studio.

The studio will be the first in the entire region of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia and will focus on the planning of kitchens, storage spaces and bathrooms.

IKEA experts will be available to work with customers in designing spaces and planning projects.

Over the past fiscal year, the company has experienced a massive boost in online sales and intend to improve their online store experience as well as add new dispensing points in new locations in the region of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.

An exact location of where this new video design studio would be has yet to be announced.

“We are looking for an ideal place where a lot of Praguers go and where they shop,” IKEA Business Manager Federica Barberis tells České Noviny.

A small design location was already featured in a convenient shopping location like Wenceslas Square but had only lasted a year before closing in August of 2019. A spokesperson for IKEA state that its presence on the square was only intended to be temporary.

IKEA Planning Studios have previously opened in London, Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris, to name a few, and many more will follow over the next few years.

As part of a city expansion focus, alongside digital and physical formats and customer meeting points, IKEA is working to ensure the vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people is being met.

IKEA’s first appearance in the Czech Republic dates back to 1996 and it currently has two department stores in Prague, one in Brno and another in Ostrava.

The company intends to invest over a billion crowns towards developing projection design studios in the area, improving IT systems, and logistical infrastructure.

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