IGCSE, IB and BTEC Libuš Open Evening

The Libuš Campus was open the whole evening and events took place throughout the campus. Students and parents attended talks and visited subject classrooms to engage with current students and teachers.

At Libuš Campus they are very keen to ensure that every student is on the best possible learning journey during their time with us. The journey of learning is a life long journey of discovery and reflection, which is why they want to ensure that every student is on the right pathway to achieve their aspirations.

PBIS offers IGCSE and BTEC Level 2 courses for students to study as part of their Pre-IB Journey during Year 10 and Year 11. As students move into Year 12 they select subjects from either the IB Diploma Programme or the IB Careers Programme which they will then complete at the end of Year 13. By this time they are focused on ensuring that every student has a clear pathway to the next step in their journey through supportive career guidance and striving to ensure that they reach their fullest potential.

Careers – Who do you want to be?

Choosing a career can be a daunting prospect at either the end of Year 9 or Year 11. The good thing is that you don’t need to worry too much about making the wrong choices or picking subjects that will mean that you can’t pursue a career at a latter time in your life. 

Some key things to think about when selecting your career journey:

1. Think of what you love to do and see if there is a career in this field that is of interest to you.

2. Reflect on the skills set that you have, what you’re good at, and search for careers that match your talents.

3. Don’t think that a job title will tell you all about a job. Often reading about daily life in a career will make you see it from a different perspective.

4. Don’t think you have to pursue a career just because others do! We want to promote trailblazers, people who will invent the jobs of the future!

5. You will most likely change your career pathway either one or more times in your career so focus on setting yourself up with a broad and balanced set of skills to help you become a life long learner.

To get you started, we have listed some example jobs that are linked to some of our Faculties at PBIS. These will give you some starting ideas but we encourage you to;

– talk with your friends and family about careers

– meet with our careers guidance team to get some advice on what careers are available

– talk with your teachers and find out what subjects and skills you are good at

No matter what, always remember that nothing is forever and that the great thing about a journey is that you can always take a different path when one comes along!

To see more about the journey and subjects, please click here:

Libus Learning Journey

Preparing to make subject choices

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