If You’re Homeless in the Czech Republic, What Support is Out There?

The issue of homelessness can be a very serious one, and even a wealthy country like the Czech Republic has her fair share of homeless folks. Unfortunately, this is something that can happen to anyone, expats included.

People who become homeless are often ordinary people, many of whom actually had it all at a certain point in their lives. While being homeless is something that can happen to anyone, not everyone has the means to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

So if you find yourself homeless in the Czech Republic, what do you do? Where should you go for assistance? And what agencies are there to help?

The non-profit association Místní místním organizes an online event on Facebook planned especially for the international people living in the Czech Republic but also for everyone interested in the topic of homelessness.

“We feel that expats in this country might also want to get to know more and go deeper into the social issues regarding Prague or the Czech Republic, maybe about how to get involved or get to know some local initiatives,” says Ester Pacltová from Místní místním.

Online stream program:

– Speakers: Jitka Modlitbová (The Salvation Army) and Ester Pacltová (Místní místním)

– Content: the Czech system of support for people in need, social services provided to them, their stories, good praxis, and solidarity tools of direct help.

There are around 230,830 homeless people living in the Czech Republic, according to a census carried out by the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs and published on Thursday.

Most of the homeless concentrate in large cities and towns. About 3,250 of them live in Prague.

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