Where to Go Ice Skating in Prague for the 2019-20 Holidays

Photo: MGA GREIF, s.r.o.

Winter in Prague is probably not your favorite season, but it has some charm for sure. Snowy days and temperature balancing 0 should not stop you to go out and enjoy outdoor activities even in an urban city. Are you looking for a fun activity instead of sitting on the couch in front of the tv? Try ice skating!

Ice skating has a tradition in the Czech Republic and nowadays it’s a very popular social outdoor activity between locals. Doesn’t matter if you do it just for fun with your friends or you list ice skating as your workout activity, you will surely benefit from it.

One of the biggest advantages of ice skating is improving your poster, balance, and coordination by engaging your muscles. Actually, by skating you work out almost every muscle in your body and burning approximately around 350 calories in one hour, and by the end of it, you probably forget you worked out. As a bonus, you’ll get some fresh air into your lungs and clear your head from everyday stress.

You can find many open-air ice rinks around Prague located also in attractive locations for tourists. If you prefer skating under the roof you may have a couple of options as well such as ice stadiums.

Don’t forget to take a properly fitted pair of skates and warm clothes! If you don’t own or you not sure if you will use the skates that often, don’t worry! Some of the rinks have a rental service with all sizes available for a little money and with good quality skates.

Get ready and check out the most favorite ice skate rinks around Prague city center and enjoy this winter on skates.


Ice Skating Rink in Letná Field

  • Address: Letná, 170 00 – Pague 7
  • Opening:  29.11.2019 
  • Entry: Free
  • Rental Service: Yes 
  • Rink Size: 40 x 20 meters


Ice Skating Rink Na Františku

  • Address: Kozí, 110 00 – Prague 1
  • Opening: 25.11.2019
  • Entry: 70czk/ adult 40czk/child
  • Rental Service: Yes
  • Rink Size: 40 x 20 meters


Ice Skating Rink Ovocný Trh

  • Address: Ovocný trh, 110 00 – Prague 1
  • Opening: 5.12.2019
  • Entry: Free
  • Rental Service: Yes
  • Rink Size: 30 x 14 meters


Ice Skating Rink below Žižov Tv Tower

  • Address: Mahlerovy Sady, 130 00 – Prague 3
  • Opening: 1.12.2019
  • Entry: 120cz/adult 100czk/child
  • Rental Service: Yes
  • Rink Size: 30 x 14 meters


Ice Skating Rink Victory Square

  • Address: Čs. Armády 601/23 160 00 – Prague 6
  • Opening: 15.12.2019
  • Entry: Free
  • Rental Service: Yes
  • Rink Size: 18 x 25 meters


Ice Skating Rink Gutovka

  • Address: Gutovka Areal, Gutova 1987/39, 100 00 Prague 10
  • Entry: 60czk/adult 30czk/child
  • Rental Service: Yes
  • Rink Size: 30 x 13 meters
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