IBM Artificial Intelligence Centre Opens in Prague 

ibm new center prague

The world-famous company IBM has opened a new center in Prague for the research and development of artificial intelligence and data processing. 

Whilst they have opened this new centre here in Prague, they have also opened two IBM Client Engineering centres in Moscow and Warsaw- which will be extremely valuable to the company in the near future. 

The Czech Republic ranks first in Europe in terms of the implementation and demonstration of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is proven to be popular in the Czech Republic, as 40 percent of Czech companies use elements of this technology compared to the rest in Europe which sits at an average of 25%. 

This is due to the high volume and density of online stores which use this technology to communicate with customers.

This is also popular in the telecommunications and banking industries, and any industry where chatbots are used frequently to communicate with customers. 

These centres will provide sustainable and comprehensive customer service, with a high level of technical skills and speed. This will create jobs for data scientists and security experts, as well as developers. 

“IBM is a business incubator which will allow clients to achieve their goals much faster- we want to add value to our clients,” says  Wolfgang Wendt, IBM’s CEO for Central and Eastern Europe. 

 Zuzana Kocmaníková, CEO of IBM Czech Republic says that the use of artificial intelligence has tripled in the last few years- so is growing in its usage. 

The European Commission has a goal for having 75 percent of European companies using this technology in 2030.



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