Hungarian Car-Sharing Company GreenGo Launches Service in Prague

Hungarian car-sharing company GreenGo has started operating in Prague with 100 all-electric VW e-up! cars, GreenGo managing director for the Czech Republic told journalists.

The company grew quickly, expanding its fleet from an initial 45 vehicles to 300 by 2019, and says it is still maintaining steady growth, despite other major service providers joining the Budapest market.

“After securing GreenGo’s Budapest operations, we wanted to expand to a Central European city that offers great business opportunities, has a high affinity for the culture of carsharing, shares some similarities with Budapest in terms of size, and is close to our hometown,” GreenGoʼs managing partner, Bálint Michaletzky comments.

The number of cars, available in a 35-square-kilometer area of the city centre, will double in three months, Simon Capek said.

Price plans

With GreenGo, you can select from two price plans: Basic / Superdrive, depending on your mobility needs. The Basic is the pay per use subscription, Superdrive is a monthly subscription and you get discounted per-minute rates, both for driving and parking. You can easily change your package directly in the app, just go to the Contracts/Rentals menu.

The booking is free of charge for the first 30 minutes. You may extend it for up to five times by blocks of 30 minutes, but you only pay the actual minutes extended – the minute fee of extension is the same as the parking fee.

The cars can be accessed using a mobile app. Car-sharing companies such as re.volt, Anytime, Car4Way, Autonapul and, have around 1,000 vehicles in Prague.

GreenGo had revenue of EUR 787,000 in 2018, the latest available public records show.

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