How to Write a Resume for a European Company

Finding a great job that fits your qualifications, experience and passions start with a great resume to match. An excellent resume should highlight your personal and professional strengths in line with the requirements of the company.

The ultimate test of a resume is that it should capture the attention of the employer and intrigue them enough to give you a call for an interview. It is therefore very important that you know the best way to do that and distinguish between an American and European CV or resume. This is the first step in ensuring that you customize your resume accordingly.

Highlighted below are tips for writing a European CV.

Even though it is not a legal requirement to include your picture in the resume, most employers would like to see a picture of you and start relating with you from the onset. This should be at the top corner of your resume measuring about an inch and inch. It should be a professional and passport style. Selfies and party photos will not cut it even in the entertainment industry. Remember that the photo you share is the first impression that you will give an employer and for purposes of job-seeking you would want that to be as professional as possible. In the event that you purchase a professionally written resume from sites that do academic papers for sale, share a photo for them to add. Alternatively, you could edit the resume they send you and add your professional photo.

Include a list of languages you speak

Job seeking is often quite competitive and anything that sets you apart from other candidates. If you speak more than one language even if not so proficient and fluent in the others, it will portray you as having an interest in the languages which could work to your advantage. Europe being populated by different language speaking nationalities it will help with your placement when a list of languages you speak is present. In addition, being proficient in multiple languages could increase your chances of being hired in a travel company or one that deals with an international clientele. You put work and effort in learning multiple languages, do not shy away from including that in your European resume as a badge of honor.

Research resume formats for European companies

It is important to take some time and research on the preferences of resume styles for different nations in Europe. That is, if your resume is meant as a blanket application. However, if you are interested in a specific nation, find out their preferred style. Look at European CV examples and take note of their respective nations. For instance, German companies require resumes with marital information and month by month employment history. France still prefers handwritten cover letters whereas Greece uses standardized application forms. This research is worthwhile because it gives the employer a sense of dedication especially if you are a foreign applicant. Learn the styles for the respective countries to make it easy to customize your resume accordingly.

Use online resources

The internet is well equipped with templates that you can use to write an award-winning resume. Search, download and customize these templates to fit your specific need of a resume. Ensure that you keep updated and do not use outdated templates. Search for resume styles for 2020 and write your resume in accordance to that. On the other hand, you can purchase an exemplary written resume from professional resume writing services on the internet. Seeking a professional writing service will go a long way in saving you a lot of hassle and uncertainty and ensure you have a resume that will represent you justly. Do not limit yourself to general knowledge; use as many resources at your disposal as possible and maximize the numerous benefits.

Indicate your country of citizenship

There is no limitation as to where you can or can’t apply for a job. European firms are hiring from across the globe. Just because your educational background shows you studied someplace such as America does not mean you’re a US citizen. You could be a citizen of another country. Be sure to disclose your citizenship for the ease of the hiring manager to make a decision concerning you. How long would it take you to commence working with their company. What regulations would it be mandatory for you to fulfill in order to be hired by that company. It is always best to be transparent and qualify on merit as opposed to being disqualified on a technicality because of nondisclosure.

Use A4 format

Europe’s CV resumes are typically presented in the A4 portrait format. This formatting style is formal and presentable and more appealing to hiring managers. Because you are seeking a job consideration in a European company, your resume will more likely end up in a folder and you would wish for it to fit perfectly without edges hanging out. It is such seemingly small details that will set you apart in the eyes of the potential employer and likely guarantee you a callback and a possible hire. Do not take this for granted because what may be ‘small’ in your opinion could well possibly cost you a dream job.

Proofread and have a grammatically correct CV

There is nothing that comes out so obviously like a grammatical error on a resume. Ensure that you proofread, edit, and revise your resume accordingly. Little details such as commas and full stops may seem trivial to you but proper punctuation is key. Your resume is the first representation of you the company will have.

In the event that you engage services that do your essay for a resume be categorical for the attention to detail on the matter. Ensure that you go through the resume afterward and be certain that it is accurate. You may also want to have your resume translated into the language of one of the European countries to give you a competitive advantage. Have it cross-checked by a native so that an error does not work to your detriment.

You may have wondered if a CV is the same as a resume and while structurally, they have some different aspects, they represent the same idea. The resume is predominantly used in America while CV is more European. However, they both are the first representation of a candidate as they job hunt and need to be treated with the utmost respect and accuracy. Be mindful of your target company. An American resume is typically not more than two pages while a European one is more detailed and can have several more pages. Adjust and customize your resume accordingly for any and all job applications.

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