How to (Thai) Select Your Next Thai Restaurant in Prague

thai select prague

Food can transcend us on different culinary excursions to exotic places, such as Thailand, but you don’t even need to go all the way to Thailand to taste good authentic Thai cuisine.

You can go to one of the many Thai restaurants in Prague. But which one should you go with if you want to sample authentic cuisine from this region?

The question is how can you be sure to know that the restaurant provides authentic Thai cuisine? It is simply to look for the Thai SELECT logo.

thai select prague

With three types of Thai SELECT certification—Signature, Classic and Casual (more details at, you would experience quality in food and services, upholding Thai methods of coking and absolutely including Thai ingredients. 

Extra points are given for the restaurant’s friendliness and atmosphere.

Look for Thai SELECT Logo with awarded Thai restaurants where people would simply meet authentic Thai flavors as well as the highest standards maintained.

The award has been presented to Thai restaurants worldwide. Currently, in Prague, there are six restaurants with “Thai SELECT” award. 

thai select prague

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