How to Support the People of Ukraine as Russia Declares War

The people of Ukraine have been plunged into war as Russia invaded the country in the early hours of Thursday morning, with explosions heard in the capital and other major cities.

The military operation has triggered an international outcry and many world leaders have condemned Russian president Vladimir Putin for launching an “unprovoked and unjustifiable” attack on Ukraine.

Czech non-profit organizations are announcing new collections or strengthening already functioning aid for Ukraine.

These are charities you can donate to in support of the people of Ukraine:

SOS Ukraine

  • Organized by People in Need.
  • Collection account: 0093209320/0300
  • Here you can find a quick link to the collection, where you can contribute online.

Charity for Ukraine

  • Organized by Caritas Czech Republic.
  • Collection account 55660022/0800, variable symbol 104
  • Donor SMS to number 87 777: DMS CHARITASVET 30, DMS CHARITASVET 60 or DMS CHARITASVET 90
  • More information about the collection on the Caritas CR website.

Help Ukraine with the Memory of the Nation

  • Organizes the Post Bellum Memory of the Nation collection.
  • A link to the online portal to the collection, where you can conveniently contribute, here.

People in Need

  • People in Need (Člověk v tísni) has already released CZK 1 million from the Club of Friends of People in Need in recent days.
  • People can contribute to help Ukraine through the website of People in Need or directly to the account of the SOS Ukraine 0093209320/0300 collection.


  • Charita has announced a public collection Charity for Ukraine. The collection account held at Česká spořitelna has the number 55660022/0800, variable symbol 104. Contributions can also be made by sending a donor SMS to number 87 777 in the form: DMS CHARITASVET 30, DMS CHARITASVET 60 or DMS CHARITASVET 90.


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