How to Send Faxes Online in 2021?

If you are thinking about using online fax services, then it is an incredible idea as we are living in 2021, all the conventional methods are being replaced with the new ones, so why not the ways of sending a fax?

You are on the right spot to get information about an online fax service. After a lot of research, we have come up with the conclusion to an application that is best for this work.

You will have to stick to this article to get to know everything about this online fax service. 

CocoFax: An online method to send a fax

Cocofax is the most reliable and convenient method to send faxes online. Once you start using this application, you will not find anything better than this. CocoFax is the solution to make business communications smarter and quicker. You can visit Cocofax’s official page to determine more about it.

CocoFax is cloud-based software, and with the help of this software, the users can make their business deals a lot facile. Cocofax is a faxing service that you can use for both professional and personal usage. Though many applications are there in the market, nothing can beat its level. 


CocoFax has gained popularity within a brief time span. People love its services due to all the convenience it provides them with. It has been providing its services to over 189 countries. As a result, it allows the clients to conduct business deals with the clients worldwide.

Workable on all electronic devices:

CocoFax is workable on all electronic devices. Whether it has an android or IOS operating system, it does not matter. You can also run it on your desktop. You can send and receive faxes at any time at any place without any hassle. 

It also sends every time you send or receive fax due to this notification thing you never miss any of your fax. Also, due to it, you can stay more connected to your clients and business. 

In case you don’t have your desktop by your side. You can, without any trouble, do your work from your smartphone. It will save your time and make your connection more strong to your clients. As who doesn’t like to be responded to on time?

Money-back guarantee:

CocoFax also comes up with a money-back guarantee. On the of chance that you don’t feel that this software is workable for you or you face any other problems due to which you want to terminate the services. Cocofax comes with a policy of 30-days money-back guarantee. 

You can contact the client service to gain all the information about this policy or read the policy column available on the website.

Subscription packages:

Cocofax comes up with a variety of subscription packages to cover all the needs of people and businesses. These packages are namely Lite, Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise. All these are having different prices with the variation of services.

Also, all these packages are very economical due to which they will not cause a  burden on your pocket. If you run out of the search pages at any time of the month, you can purchase a few more by paying a small amount.

You can also upgrade your plan at any time. All you have to do is to log in to your CocoFax account. By boosting your package, you will be eligible to send more faxes, and also, when you switch to an annual plan, you can save more money.

Safe and secure:

CocoFax is extraordinarily safe and secure to used. They highly value their customers’ privacy due to which provides their customers with high encryption. You can use this service without any fear.

Customer Service:

The customer service staff is very professional and helpful, and they make sure that the problem the client is facing is solved first hand. They are available 24/7, so you can contact them and get the solution at any moment you encounter an issue.

Omission on the faxes:

You can omit or spam the faxes, which just pop up on the screen and disturb you while you are working. By doing this, you can save your time and protect yourself from distraction and focus on your work.

How to send a fax?

You can easily send faxes online in 20221 via CocoFax by following up the following steps:


Create an account at the official site of CocoFax. And after creating it get the start faxing period. After doing this, you will encounter an option to choose your fax number for free. Make sure to register the email address which you will be using for faxing work. 


Now you have to open the email client. You can open it on any of your devices, whether smartphone, computer or anywhere you want to. Even you can open it in a web browser on your PC.


Once you have opened the client email so from there, you can direct it to the option of composing a new email. The new email popup will appear, where you are supposed to add the essential details and compose your fax.


Once you have filled out all the necessary details, you can press the send button. Cocofax will translate the email into the fax document. And will send it to the receiver’s fax machine. 

Delivery Report:

When you have sent the fax, you will receive the delivery report. The report will be in front of you within a minute after it has reached its destination.

Fax from google applications:

CocoFax allows the users to send the fax directly from Google Docs, Drive, and sheets by enabling the connection between your cocofax add-on account and google account. Also, the users are at liberty to pick up their fax numbers independently, which is another cool feature.


It is the best service to send faxes online in 2021. We are at the trust that you will not find any other application as accommodating as CocoFax is. Pull out all the stops without burning through any of your time. 


Get the subscription package that suits your needs today and start getting benefits from its incredible services. Make sure to let us know how your experience was with it and give us feedback about how helpful this article was for you.

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