How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Story?

Instagram is one of the most trending social media apps that seems to be engulfing people from all over the globe.

There are a lot of people who like to be an anonymous Instagram story viewer. People have stalked their neighbors through their walls just the difference is Instagram makes it easier and global.

There are many reasons for its popularity that are not just limited to the entertainment part. It provides connectedness, business, and marketing options. In addition to this, the quick how-know of people’s life it provides through the Story feature.

Moreover, No one has enough content or time to daily make a post unless there is a business connected to sharing. To cover the gap, Instagram stories allow you to connect with your audience on a daily basis by short time-saving slideshows of pictures. 

Although Stories vanish after 24 hours, they are also a way to know who is keeping an eye on you and who is not. But do you know how to see who viewed your Instagram Story? If not, let me tell you in detail how to keep track of eyes always gawing upon you. You can check it by using an online tool like “”.

What is an easy way to see who viewed your Instagram Story:

 Sharing an Instagram story is not the only move to the game but doing this always has hidden intentions behind it. Sometimes it is to keep track of your crush or some influencer you want to impress or get engaged with, have you seen your story? Or sometimes you are trying to communicate your words to someone you can’t directly talk to. No matter what it is, one of the most common and important reasons is to see who viewed your story? Is to see who is keeping an eye on you. To know this here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Open the Instagram app and move to the home screen.
  2. There are many circle-like touchable pictures at the top that lead to someone’s story. 
  3. The very first circle at the left corner is your story. Open it.
  4. At the bottom left corner, you will see an eye icon with the number of people who watched the story.
  5. Touch it and it will lead you to see the profiles of people who watched the story.

Note: If you have posted more than one story, Swiping up the seen by gives you the seen of all the stories separately. It is not necessary if someone had watched the first story, they would have seen them all. People can skip your stories as well. So this will provide you with a clear output of who viewed which story?

Is there any third-party app to see who viewed your story?

There are many third-party apps out there to keep track of the things Instagram doesn’t allow. That includes who is stalking you, who’s blocked you, who is anonymously getting engaged with your content. However, you should not go using any app you see as it can cause security threats or install malware on your device. To cope with this I am going to brief the best tool you can use.

Insta Stalker:

As clear from the name Insta Stalker is your answer to be anonymous and aware at the same time. It allows you to stalk any profile completely from their stories, comments, likes, and tags to their locations as well. Instagram is one of the rarest tools used by the vast amount of people coming from all the origins of the world. People get to engage with others by sharing their daily life moments, achievements, and even their pets. However, you can’t access anyone directly as you are not always wanting to reveal that you’re keeping an eye on. For that purpose, Insta Stalker is the best place.

Interesting features of Insta Stalker: 

  • Free to use with a user-friendly interface.
  • Keep you aware and anonymous.
  • No need to register.
  • No risk of adding malware to your device.
  • Easy and quick service.

What are some bonus benefits of using Instagram Stalker?

  • Insta Stalker not only allows you to stalk people but also gives you guidelines to use this tool for several purposes. 
  • Ever been in a situation when you are tired of using Instagram but also having a fear of missing out. Insta Stalker is perfect for such a situation as it allows you to delete your account and also keeps you aware.
  • It also allows you to see hidden or deleted stories.


Staying connected and hidden at the same time is the need of modern times or we have made it a need. Whatever it is you always need an assisting tool to help you deal with such exceptional needs of yours. That means Instagram doesn’t allow you to be anonymous. So in such cases, Insta Stalker is your go-to assistant. It not only helps you in stalking but also assists you in how to see who viewed your story. So you need no longer worry about being seen. Let Insta Stalker be your disguise.

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