How to Go LIVE on Instagram and Get Many Viewers?

Instagram today is probably in the top list for making a career as a blogger. This network has many tools that can help you to demonstrate your personality from different angles.

Stories, feed posts, IGTV, and Lives are great for making diverse content that attracts a wider audience. Of course, along with organic growth on the platform, there is an opportunity to buy IG live views and get more popularity for Instagram accounts. But in this article, we will explore how to use Instagram Lives and get many viewers, who can turn into your loyal followers for free. Let’s go! 

Make Regular Sessions

The first rule for successful live sessions on Instagram is making those regular. Develop a schedule that suits you most – at least once a week you should go live to get a consistent Instagram growth.

On Instagram, like on many other social networks, users prefer having new episodes of the content they like frequently. If you are only starting your career, you shouldn’t expect many spectators for your streams at once. But going live in certain periods will gradually attract more people to your content. Hence, be patient, and the attention of the public will come to you. 

Announce Your Streams 

Another method that helps to drive the attention of the public to your Live is promoting it on Instagram. Start warming up your followers somewhere around a week before the date. The most effective way to do that would be stories – this format of the content is one of the most popular on Instagram and has a perfect sticker for this goal. This sticker is called “Countdown”. You can announce the topic of the upcoming session and explain to users why they shouldn’t miss it. 

Of course, you can and should use feed posts as well, and there is more than one reason for that.

Collecting The Ideas

To motivate people to watch your stream, you might want to accumulate ideas for conversation. And the source for that is your audience! As you announce a new stream coming, add a question in your post or stories. Ask your followers what they would like to see and discuss, and implement this information in your content plan. Giving your audience what they want will definitely grow your viewership. 

Besides, asking questions on stories or posts will work well for your growth in general, so do not neglect the opportunity to communicate with your followers more. 

Select The Right Time

Along with the proper frequency of streaming, you must consider when exactly you should go live, to be seen by the possible biggest number of people. 

  • Find out when your target audience is the most active online
  • See when other bloggers in your niche start their live streams. 
  • Coordinate your timing according to the previous results. 
  • Ask your followers when is the best time to start streaming. 

Find The Engaging Theme

Surely it is impossible to reach success if your stream is not interesting to potential viewers. This is why you must think through what your stream will be about. The ground rule for that is that you should narrow down the choice of topics to discuss while you are on air. Create an approximate scenery that will help you to stay within the chosen theme. Such practice also helps you to separate the topics and save something for your further activities. Mix the topics that are specific to your niche with something more general, or personal. Such diversity provides more interest to you, as users can get various information from you and get to know you. 


To expand your viewership it is great to share Instagram Live with your fellow bloggers. Sharing a stream comes in huge help for both partners – given a good topic, you can gain a few hundred new followers. And, the dialogue is always a little more engaging for the audience – the conversation goes lively and people can watch the dynamic of the relationship between you and your guest. Most TV shows prove that – the chemistry between two people is always more intriguing and funny. 

Watch Your Metrics


Any kind of growth on social media would fail if you are not attentive enough to the statistics. Look carefully through the numbers you get after the first few streams to analyze what exactly goes wrong. For example, if many people join your life, but do not finish watching your stream and leave, it probably means that the topic that you have chosen isn’t covered properly, even though it is interesting enough. Hence, you have to change something about the way you host the stream itself. 

Or, if your stream is mostly ignored, you might want to:

  • Change the timing 
  • Alter the themes
  • Promote your lives more actively

Versatile strategy in case you have problems with all that is to ask your viewers directly. Getting their feedback would be the best material for improvement. 

Provide Valuable Information 

As we know, time is the most expensive resource to spend, and on social media too. So, do not waste the time of your audience. Always add something valuable for your viewers to take from your stream. 

Plan to give out something that would really be useful for your audience, even if you talk about personal experience. For example, many female influencers are speaking about their experience with sexism, harassment, and objectivism in the range of #MeToo movement. Not only can they find support from their spectators, but they also reveal ways to stand against these things, and provide the possibility for their audience to speak as well. In terms of live streaming – that is a big value because people feel free to talk and get a proper reaction to their speech, along with the support from their favorite blogger. 


Gaining viewership for Instagram live isn’t easy, and you have to be very patient, while you try different tactics and experiment with your style. To make this process faster and fruitful, listen carefully to your audience and track your statistics all the time. 

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