How to Enjoy a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner in 2020

The American holiday of Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 28th of this year. While it’s long-established in the US, Thanksgiving isn’t as recognized of a holiday in the Czech Republic.

Still, people across the country choose to celebrate this family-oriented holiday with a traditional dinner. In 2019, millions of families celebrated together along with their closest friends, either at home or in restaurants.

This year, the situation is obviously quite different. To ensure the health of you and your loved ones, it is encouraged you to stay at home and celebrate this joyful holiday with just your family or significant other.

For any who still want to celebrate Thanksgiving from home during the pandemic, Culinaria Catering has offered home delivery and takeaway of a traditional American Thanksgiving menu, since 2008.

Gathering together to celebrate with a meal is the most important aspect of Thanksgiving. Its origins can be traced back to harvest festivals, specifically in 1620 when Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower boat from England to what was later established as the United States.  Abraham Lincoln then made sure this would be an official public holiday.

To satisfy a variety of cravings and needs, there’s a fully customizable a la carte menu. Choose from unique variations of traditional Thanksgiving dishes, such as Corn Fritters, Bacon Chestnut Stuffing, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Pecan pie, and as included in the traditional menu, sliced turkey.

If you prefer to cook the main dish yourself but would like to supplement your meal with some help from their kitchen, they also offer a complete selection of just starters, side dishes, salads, or dessert. If you favor the opposite, and instead would prefer to cook the side dishes and dessert instead of the main dish, you can order just sliced farmer’s turkey and some of their secret gravy.

“We actually started the Thanksgiving tradition of home delivery in Prague in 2008, offering meals for takeaway and food delivery. Although we now mainly cater to local and global companies, we’ve kept this tradition alive due to popular demand from our residential Clients. We offer authentic American Thanksgiving experience to both the local and foreign communities.” says the manager Pavel Votava.

The menu is available on November 26th, 27th, and 28th. The full menu and ordering options can be found here.

They will be offering a similar style “Gourmet-to-go” Christmas menu, for those who are celebrating at home this year.

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