How to Arrange Your Covid Vaccination

czech vaccine register

Article published in cooperation with The Prague Review

From Tuesday 11th May 2021, everyone over 45 years old, with Czech health insurance, can register to receive a Covid vaccination.

The process is relatively straightforward – the most important part is choosing a centre that has a short waiting list.

What you’ll need:

  1. Your Czech health insurance card.
  2. Your name and address.
  3. A mobile phone.
  4. An email address.
  5. If under 45, a special code that proves you’re eligible to receive a vaccine early; healthcare, police, teachers, those with chronic illness etc.
  6. An empty washing-up detergent bottle, some paper/card, adhesive tape and coloured marker pens.

Items 6 are only required if you also plan to build a model rocket ship with your kids!

Find the best vaccination centre as follows

Visit this website – all screenshots and instructions are from an automatic English translation in Google Chrome.


Choose your region and observe that the page updates to show vaccination centres in your area – the example below is Prague.


Look for a centre near to your address, that has the best scores in both ‘Waiting…’ and ‘Inoculation…’ columns. For example, this is the place I booked.


Register for a vaccination

Visit this website – all screenshots and instructions are from an automatic English translation in Google Chrome.


Enter your phone number, check the ‘I agree…’ box, and click Send. A 4-digit PIN arrives on your mobile. Page changes to allow a PIN to be entered.

Enter the PIN. Page changes to allow your details to be entered. Example shows when it was for over 50s – now 45.

Complete the form with your details. Select the vaccination centre that you chose earlier. If you choose anything other than ‘Based on age…’ you’ll be prompted to enter a special code supplied by your employer or Doctor.

Page changes to show your request was succesful.

Wait for the PIN 2 code. If you chose a centre with a short wait time, this code could arrive within a few hours, but could also be several days.

PIN 2 Code Arrives

PIN 2 is a six-digit code. Visit this website

Page changes to show vaccination booking dates and times for your selected location.


Choose your appointment time. Page updates to confirm your appointment – you’ll see all the details, not just the header shown below. You’ll also see the date of your second appointment, assuming that your vaccine requires two jabs,

Go for your vaccination!

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