How the gambling industry developed in Europe and the Czech Republic

Now, few people know and think about the fact that gambling appeared long before the emergence of the civilized world known to us. Despite such a long period of existence, the casino is still popular.

The difficulty of many lies in the choice of gambling sites. There are a lot of them now. Choosing a české online casino is based on various ratings presented on the Internet. Gambling sites, like many years ago in Europe, bring people a good income.

The history of the emergence of casinos in Europe

On the territory of Europe and the Czech Republic, during excavations, archaeologists still find dice. They were made by craftsmen thousands of years before our era. According to experts, in those days, dice were not used for gambling. They were used for divination and for all kinds of shamanic rituals.

Only hundreds of years later, dice began to be used in gambling. The history of the emergence of casinos in European countries is rooted in the deep past.

The first mention of gambling was in ancient Rome. A special institution was opened there, which was given the name «Circus». In it, locals tried their luck on the dice and played games for real money. The active development of casinos in Europe began in Italy. This happened during the

A big impetus to the development of gambling establishments was the creation and distribution of playing cards. For the first time, Italians began to play them for money. As a result, gambling has spread throughout Europe, including the Czech Republic. Stages of development of the gambling industry in Europe: Europe’s first casino – Ridotto;

The beginning of the rapid development of the casino – the 18th century; The development of casino design – 19th century;
Emergence of government restrictions – 20th century; The emergence of online casinos – the end of the 20th century.

During the Renaissance, hotel and entertainment complexes were opened where one could sing, dance, relax and earn money. It was the first casino in Europe that appeared in 1638 in Venice and was called Ridotto. Even then, a dress code and face control began to exist.

At the beginning of the 18th century, gambling in Europe appeared in many countries. Every self-respecting person who has at least some income considered it his duty to visit the casino. Gaming establishments gave their visitors moral pleasure and considerable prize amounts, so the number of those making bets grew every year.

In the 19th century, the design of gambling establishments became more attractive, and the interior became richer. Casinos began to be treated as civilized, high-status gambling clubs. The period of prosperity and rapid development quickly ended. The government has imposed restrictions on the operation of many casinos. This did not affect all casinos in Europe. The gambling world, even in the presence of prohibitions, did not stop developing all over the world and in Europe as well. So at the end of the 20th century, the first online casinos appeared. Over time, they became more and more accessible.

Casino development in the Czech Republic

On the territory of the Czech Republic, also during excavations, dice were found more than once, which were among other objects in the Celtic oppidum near Stradonice. The new time in the Czech Republic brought various lotteries in which all kinds of items were played. In the 18th century, the first cash draws appeared.

They were organized by the state. Later, the opinion appears that the casino cannot be eliminated, but it can be tried to be regulated. Thanks to this, the activity begins to be taxed. There is also an age limit. The most common form of taxation in the Czech Republic is a mandatory contribution to charitable purposes. This suggests that gambling is beneficial not only for specific players but also for almost the entire society. The first gambling establishments in the Czech Republic appeared during the Protectorate. In the middle of the 20th century, it was possible to play slot machines without any ban in the country.

They spread throughout the country in large numbers. At the end of the 20th century, the state monopoly on the organization of gambling
activities ended. It became possible to open gambling establishments by legal entities and private enterprises.


Now the Czech gambling market is crowded with persons who have a valid permit from the competent authorities of the country. These are safe gambling portals for guaranteed winnings. The distinctive features of modern casinos today are the availability of special features, a variety of gambling entertainment, and the rapid development of online casinos, which makes it possible to receive winnings on a bank card or e-wallet while at home in a short time.

New technologies of the modern world not only make it possible to earn income in a place convenient for the player, but also enjoy the betting process thanks to the bright design. Find out more on


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