New Study Reveals How Much a Date Costs in Prague

Dinner in a restaurant with a bottle of wine and watching a movie at the cinema – this is the typical date that hundreds of millions of couples around the world do on weekends.’s new ranking, however, compares which of 56 capitals and large cities of the world are the cheapest and which are the most expensive.

Zurich, Oslo, and Helsinki are the most expensive cities on this list. The price of a romantic encounter in these cities ranges between US$184 and US$226.

Manila was placed in the cheaper half of the ranking–in 12th place from the bottom. In the capital of the Philippines, a dinner for two in a mid-price restaurant with wine and cinema screening costs $64.

Similar prices can be found in Mexico City, New Delhi and Sao Paulo. On the other hand, in New York such a date would cost $175.

The ranking shows that in Prague the cost of a date is lower than in Bratislava but higher than in Warsaw.

Prague ranks 22nd. “In the Czech capital, a dinner for two in a medium-priced restaurant with wine and cinema tickets costs around CZK 1,700 (€68). Similar prices can be found in Budapest and Lisbon,” the authors of the study state.

On the other hand, the cheapest date is in Istanbul, with an average of €38. The cheapest cities also include Bogota, Colombia (€42), and Buenos Aires, Argentina (€46).

The average gross monthly wage in Prague reached CZK 45,523 in the third quarter of last year.


The ranking takes into account the prices of a three-course dinner in a mid-price restaurant with a bottle of wine and the prices of standard tickets to network cinemas for a 2D evening screening at the weekend.

The average exchange rates from the first half of January 2022 according to Google Finance were used to convert the local currencies.


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