How Healthy Is Your Pet’s Food?

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Did you know your pet could suffer from diabetes just like humans? The most common type of diabetes in dogs is diabetes mellitus, in which the dog doesn’t have enough insulin to convert glucose into sugar.

The dog will have low energy and suffer multiple organ failure. An unhealthy diet makes your dog overweight and at higher risk of developing this condition. Unfortunately, most pet owners don’t realize their pet is ill until it is too late.

Unhealthy Foods For Dogs

Low-quality dog food is made from meat by-products, also known as 4-D meats in the meat industry. The 4-D stands for dying, diseased, disabled, and dead animals. These meats are often taken from euthanized animals and sometimes roadkill. 4-D meats are risky and often harmful because veterinarians do not certify them for quality.

Unhealthy dog food also contains high filler content. Unscrupulous pet food manufacturers add corn and other grain products to bulk up their products. These products are high in starch and spike up your pet’s blood sugar. Your pet’s digestive system is not designed to handle such kinds of food.

Cheap pet foods also contain high levels of synthetic products to add flavors and prolong shelf life. These synthetic products are harmful to dogs just like they are harmful to humans.

High Purine Levels

Low-quality dog food is often made from rejected meat cuts. These include organ meats like brains, kidneys, and intestines. These meats are high in cholesterol. They also have high levels of purine. This compound triggers the formation of kidney stones in some dog breeds including terriers and dalmatians.

Some signs that your pet has kidney stones are:

  • Blood-stained urine
  • Frequent tries to urinate without very little or no urine
  • Straining when urinating.

What Makes Good Pet Food?

High-quality dog food like Bellfor has high meat content and no grains. It also contains no synthetic products like flavors and dyes. There is no sugar or soy but uses natural herbs for flavor.

Insects are a good protein alternative to mass-produced meat. They offer the same level of proteins minus the purine that is in usual meat products. These products are reasonably priced and offer higher nutrition compared to other products in the market.

Low Purine Dog Food

Healthy dog food is made from low-purine protein sources. For example, Bellfor dog food is made from insects. This brand uses black soldier fly larvae as the main protein source. They also use food-grade fish and meat. This brand is well-tolerated by pets that have allergies and digestive problems.

There are several advantages of sustainable high-quality pet food. Low purine levels translate to a low risk of kidney problems for your pet. Your pet will have the benefit of a properly balanced diet which will show good health and vitality. You will notice a change in the dog’s coat. It becomes more lustrous and thicker.

Grain-free food presents a lower risk of developing diabetes. Proper meal portioning ensures that your pet maintains a healthy weight. Proper meal portioning is very important if your pet doesn’t see a lot of physical activity. Avoiding overweight is also beneficial and lowers the risk of developing diabetes. A healthy pet also becomes ill less often because it has good immunity.

Sustainable dog food production is friendly to the environment. For example, Bellfor insect food avoids the mass production of meat, which contributes to higher greenhouse gases. Pound for pound, insect pet food uses a tiny fraction of the energy used in the mass production of livestock for meat.

Are you concerned about your pet’s nutrition? Try insect-based pet foods and see the difference in your pet’s health and vitality.

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