How Does it Look the First Gin Distillery in Prague?

In Prague’s Holešovice recently opened to the public the first craft gin distillery, called Garage22.

The gin is handmade and distilled in small batches, while hops add a unique local characteristic that gives the gin a distinctive and delicious taste.

“Tonic has been our first product on the market. It is a natural essence, a handmade extract from the bark of cinchona trees, fresh citrus, and carefully selected herbs and spices. It is an excellent base for mixing cocktails, especially the classic Gin&Tonic, which we just love! Therefore, it was relatively easy for us to decide in which direction to go on with our business,” says one of the owners, Matouš Ballík.

“In 2020, we built a distillation column from the legendary manufacturer Arnold Holstein in Vnitroblock, in Prague’s Holešovice, where we now distill our first handicraft GIN22 on a 300 l copper boiler.”

“We are inspired by small-scale artisanal production, which is based mainly on real and high-quality raw materials,” he added.

“We macerate selected botanicals in fine-grain alcohol, and at the moment when the essences from herbs and spices are extracted, we slowly heat the boiler and start the distillation. After the distillation, only pure water is added, as is the case with London dry gins.”

The heart of this distillery is a distillation column by the legendary producer Arnold Holstein, whose copper processing has been at the top of the craft for four generations. Thanks to the high-quality item, the distillate retains all the delicate aromatic components.

The walls of Garage22 are “decorated” with endless rows of shelves with glasses. “In these jars, you will find various herbs and natural ingredients that give each type of gin a specific color, taste, or aroma: hops, cranberries, rose petals, and much more,” explains Ballík.

Garage22 produces two different types of gin:

  • Gin22 (Dry) is a hand-made gin with a distinctive character and delicious taste are carefully selected traditional botanicals of the highest quality with a selection of local ingredients.
  • Gin22 (Pink): the basis of pink gin is the hand-distilled Gin22 infused with rose petals and cranberries after distillation, which gives it a unique freshness and an intoxicating fruity-floral aroma.

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