“Hotels and Restaurants Will Probably Close Again From Friday”, Said Havlíček

From Monday, the Czech Republic should move to the fourth stage of the anti-epidemic system PES, confirmed the Minister of Industry and Transport Karel Havlíček (ANO) in an interview with CNN Prima News.

However, the government is likely to grant some exemptions and wants to keep shops and some services such as hairdressers open.

According to the Minister, the closure of restaurants and hotels can be expected from Friday, December 18.

If hotels and restaurants need to close again, “they will receive a compensation package,” added Havlíček.

He also commented on the regulation prohibiting the drinking of coffee or tea in a cup in public. “It’s our fault if we didn’t communicate it clearly. If someone is at work and wants to go for coffee, they can buy it at a restaurant and take it with them. We just do not want widespread consumption.”

“Our measures are trying to protect health. Covid is spreading much faster than we expected,” he added.

Czech PES (Protiepidemický Systém) score rises to 71 on Sunday, which is equivalent to the fourth of five levels of risk alertness.

If the risk score remains at a value at a lower level for seven days consecutively, then the government can decide to move down a level. However, if the risk score is at a value at a higher level for three consecutive days, this allows the government to reintroduce stricter measures.

The Czech Republic reported 3,655 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, the largest rise recorded at a weekend since November 14 and continuing a trend of showing a weekly rise in infections.

A total of 9,535 people have died since the outbreak in the Czech Republic. 4111 patients are hospitalized, 548 are in critical condition.

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