Historic Rides on the A-Line Anniversary

August 12 celebrated the 40th anniversary of Prague’s A-Line. To commemorate the event, the metro is deploying the historic metro tram, the 81-71 series. The 81-71 series was specially designed to conquer steep sections of track, like those found on the A-Line.

Although the A-Line’s celebration lasted just one day, its original run from 1978-2009, meaning the trip was conducted for 31 years. The Soviet-made 81-71 series was nicknamed the briquette by its operating staff. Briquette is a coal-based fuel, condensed into a block-like shape.

The celebratory metro ride followed the Dejvická-Skalka-Dejvická route, which was first put into operation in July 1990. The trains’ operating staffs were also dressed in the traditional attire. The event lasted from 10:17-15:00, completing five trips in both directions.

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