Highest June Temperature Measured in Řež Near Prague on Sunday. It was 39 Degrees

Highest June Temperature czechia

The June record for the highest single-day temperature was broken at ten stations measuring back at least 30 years on Sunday in Prague.

The June record was broken at ten monitoring stations active for at least 30 years, with 60 stations rewriting the record for June 19.

The oldest station in the country, the Prague Klementinum, where the thermometer showed 36.9 degrees, also set a new high for that day. The previous record from 2013 was more than two degrees lower, at 34.4 degrees Celsius.

Klementinum in the center of Prague has been monitoring the weather continuously since 1775.

Everywhere in Czechia had an extremely hot weekend. On Saturday, for the first time this year, temperatures in several places exceeded the
limit of a supertropic day, i.e. 35 degrees.

The temperature barely dropped overnight: in some places temperatures didn’t get below 20 degrees Celsius.

Already in the morning, meteorologists estimated that today’s highs could jeopardize the current monthly record for June, which was 38.9 degrees Celsius. It was measured on June 26, 2019, in Doksany.

Today, temperatures in most areas rose to 33 to 38 degrees Celsius, in eastern Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia to 28 to 33 degrees.

Meteorologists have issued a warning of extreme temperatures for part of the Ústí Region and Central Bohemia, including Prague.

Across the country, there is a high risk of forest fires, which should partially reduce Monday’s rains and storms. In the east of the republic, storms may be more intense and may be accompanied by hail, strong gusts of wind and torrential rain.

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