Heatherwick Studio Uncovers Regeneration Project in Prague

Heatherwick Studio has revealed a regenerative master plan for Savarin, a 150,000 sq m site in Prague’s Old Town.

Heatherwick studio has unveiled designs for the regeneration of a 15,000 square meter site at the heart of Prague.

The project will involve restoring a historic 18th-century riding hall as well as a number of surrounding buildings, and the creation of new retail, office and public spaces.

The aim is to bring new life to the city, creating a unique new destination for shopping and work.

Three new buildings will be created to frame a public courtyard and the existing riding hall. Stepped green terraces and staircases will be included to allow people to walk up to the top of the buildings and look out upon the city.

“Savarin has a very special place in our hearts and we feel the huge responsibility that comes with this project,’ says Omar Koleilat, CEO of Crestyl, the project’s developer. ‘We value Heatherwick studio for approaching each project individually, considering the genius loci of the place and offering solutions that breathe life into it. that is also why we admire the studio’s sensitive way to revitalize projects such as coal drops yard and zeitz MOCAA.”

“The project is focused around a series of courtyards and passages that stitch together a site with a number of special heritage buildings. At its heart is the creation of a major new public space, surrounding a historic 18th-century riding hall. As well as restoring this hall and the other historic buildings, we will create three dynamic new buildings which will frame this courtyard and its riding hall. Stepped green terraces and staircases will enable people to walk up the buildings all the way to the rooftops, revealing unexpected new public spaces and views across the city”, said Thomas Heatherwick, founder of Heatherwick Studio.


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