Heat Wave is Expected to Hit the Czech Republic Next Week

The heat wave starts after Sunday when a powerful upper ridge develops over Europe. As soon as the omega pattern establishes, strong warm advection should take place with a ‘Spanish plume’ from SW Europe. Models are trending with very extreme temperature anomaly for the near-surface layers, locally reaching 12-16 °C above normal for late June.

On Thursday, the heat wave would eventually peak over Germany with local temperatures ever approaching 40 °C while on Friday, a cold front might push from the west and finish the heat wave, but the excessive heat would then push towards the Alpine region and Poland / Czech Republic as well.

Extreme heat could develop over some areas, locally reaching 35-40 °C in the afternoons next week. Such anomalous temperatures would likely break June records in some areas.

Prague has experienced its hottest summer last year, with an average temperature of 22.7° C.

Before, the hottest summer was recorded in 2003 with an average temperature of 22.4 degrees, followed by 2015, when the average temperature reached 22.3 degrees Celsius in June, July and August.

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