5 Places for a Healthy Lunch in Prague

cobra bar prague

Although traditional Czech cuisine is perceived as one of the heaviest one in Europe, while visiting Prague you can easily find some healthy food as well!

1) Jiná Krajina

A restaurant that mainly serves vegetarian dishes made with fresh ingredients, some of them grown in their own greenhouse. Their lunch menu usually contains a vegetarian option and the prices here are more affordable than in the city centre.


2) Mezi Srnky

The cafe’s name roughly translates as ‘Among the Deers’ – a play on words dreamt up by the owners, who like to experiment with natural decorations. A trendy hangout with communal seating to promote interaction. The staff have good taste in music, speak good English, and serve excellent coffee and brunches.

Mezi Srnky prague

3) Cobra Bar

Only the paint on the walls offers a sense of this hip place’s past life as a dodgy rave bar. Back then, there was no Asian-inspired lunch menu, no filling vegetarian soups or DJ lounge in the evenings. Fortunately, a group of friends got fed up with having to always make the trek downtown to enjoy this and opened Cobra Bar.


4) Cukrkávalimonáda

Savour one of their salads under the 400-year-old wooden ceiling beams, then up your calorie intake with some homemade chocolates. Popular with an international crowd from the surrounding embassies and students of the Anglo-American University. Open all week for breakfast and lunch.



5) Bistro À Table!

A small French bistro near Hradčanská metro station, run by Jean-Charles Berger, who created an authentic Parisian corner here. The wide paved streets below and green trees above somehow helped him pull of this trick. Expect some seriously good French wines.


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