Healthy Fast Food and Boutique Bistro; Prague Airport Gastronomy News

Václav Havel Airport Prague will soon offer passengers several new gastronomic choices.

These include, for example, the Natoo concept, with its healthier version of fast food, including fresh juices and salads, and a stand of the world-famous Lavazza Italian brand, specialised in the sale of coffee and small snacks.

Bageterie Boulevard will not be missing among the local brands, combining French pastry with typical European gastronomic delicacies, which passengers can look forward to enjoying at Prague Airport this coming autumn.

Lagardère Travel Retail, which won the Prague Airport concession procedure, will manage all the gastronomic establishments. It will operate a total of 14 business units, representing 11 gastronomic concepts.

New Food Court

The new establishments will include, for example, the recently created PRG Take off Bar, which will be located during the upcoming summer season at the end of Pier C and will provide passengers with a unique view of the apron.

The next addition is the Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant, located in Pier D of Terminal 2, ideal for passengers who want to enjoy their food in an exclusive way, even at the airport.

The Italian-inspired boutique bistro will launch operations at the turn of the year and will offer selected appetizers, main courses, and desserts, paired in the Perfect Match style with wines from leading Italian winemakers. The menu was designed specifically for the Prague branch. Thanks to its unique interior which resembles the appearance of Venetian “bacaros”, this concept offers a truly exceptional gastronomic and aesthetic experience.

Passengers can also look forward to the popular Costa Coffee cafés and the French bakery PAUL, of which Lagardère Travel Retail is the exclusive operator in the Czech Republic. A new food court will be created within Pier D of Terminal 2, which will include the aforementioned Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant and Costa Coffee, which will be open nonstop and will serve passengers 24/7.

All units will undergo structural modifications in the coming months and will gradually launch operations during this year and the next. 



Pier A – So Coffee café and Paul stand

Pier B 1st Floor – Natoo stand and Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant

Pier B 1st Underground Floor – Paul cafeteria


Pier C 1st Underground Floor – Beer & Pretzels mobile stand

Pier C 1st Floor – Lavazza stand, Natoo stand, and PRG Take off Bar

Close to Pier C Entry Point – Paul stand

Pier D – Bageterie Boulevard

Pier D Commercial Zone – Costa Coffee café and Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant

Public Part of T2 Departure Hall – Bread&Co stand

T2 Arrival Hall – Costa Coffee café

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