Handipet Rescue: The Czech Project Taking Care of Disabled Pets

Handipet Rescue prague

Until recently, there were not many organizations helping ill animals. Now, there is one changing the paradigm for disabled cats and dogs so they can live a better life.

Handipet Rescue is a Czech project which aims to help sick and disabled animals wherever they come from.

Such help includes specialized medical examinations, providing medication and post-surgical care, physiotherapy, shelter, and facilitating adoption among other care services.

Handipet Rescue is more than a local shelter. There are currently 30 animals at Handipet Rescue who receive specialized care and shelter by the Handipet Rescue team and other medical professionals which usually include ophthalmologists, orthopedics, and cardiologists.

“We do everything that is possible for the animals under our care because we believe that every life matters”, says Denisa Falešníková, “we do not stop just because some cases are complicated, and euthanasia is the last option when everything else fails.”

Handipet Rescue always welcomes volunteers from Prague to help them with sending packages, making buttons for their charity shop Pet Heroes Shop, among other tasks. If you are interested, send an email to michaela@petheroes.cz.

Similarly, Hadipet Rescue is currently looking for people, from Prague and its surroundings, with a car who are interested in fostering cats and dogs. For more details please contact Jana at jana@petheroes.cz.

To further support Handipet Rescue you can make a donation via Darujme.cz.


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