Hana Horka’s Son Blames Anti-Vaxxers for Her Death

jan rek son

The son of an unvaccinated Czech folk singer who died last weekend after catching COVID-19 on purpose in order to start having a ‘free’ life again, lashed out at anti-vaxxers for filling his mother’s head with inaccurate information.

Jan Rek, the son of folk singer Hana Horka, also revealed his mother’s final tragic moments before she died on Sunday.

The morning she died, Horka, 57, remained in good enough health to get dressed for a walk, before she complained that her back was hurting and went to lay down in her bedroom.

‘In about 10 minutes it was all over,’ Rek said in an interview with the BBC on Wednesday. ‘She choked to death.’

Horka reportedly believed that catching the virus would allow her to avoid needing the vaccine, leading to her celebration upon learning she had contracted the virus.

Rek blamed Czech anti-vaxxers for her death.

‘You took my mother, who based all her arguments on your basis. I despise you, you are an absolute waste,’ Rek wrote on Facebook following his mother’s death.

Rek added that while his mother was unvaccinated at the time of her death, she did not subscribe to any of the many conspiracy theories about COVID vaccines.

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