Hamerský Sklípek – A Touch of Countryside in Prague

This is a crazy special treat. Hamerský sklípek used to be known under the name of “Fajna ďura” which is actually a Northern Moravian language (not used so much in Prague) and the name of this place means literally “nice den”. And moreover, this place looks somehow like a South Moravian wine cellar. And it is a nice den.

At this place, I like not only sitting by the pond and looking at the islands and ducks and herons and coots and all the green or white, as you can enjoy this place both in summer and in winter, I also like the way you get here a lot.

I feel amazed by the surroundings of this quiet place as there is a tram terminal station in an industrial area about 500m from here in one direction, and a big train yard and a sports area in other directions, and you still have no idea and you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. (Unless you look a bit to the right where the prefab houses are visible behind the cute little church.)

Hamerský sklípek is actually a wine cellar (which is the meaning of the Czech word “sklípek”) with quite a nice selection of white, red and rosé wines, beers from two craft breweries, some soft drinks of course and a basic offer of food. Don’t expect anything fancy though.

The inside space can take up to about 30 people but there’s no need to stay inside. And they are organizing special events, just check their FB page.

Author: Janina Michlová. You can find the original article here

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